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For your next night off, enjoy a murderously fun mystery party with The Murder Mystery Company in New York! If you’ve got an upcoming corporate event, fundraiser, kid’s party, or a special private event, our mystery experts are the perfect entertainment choice. Enjoy a stress-free evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder in our Clue style private murder mystery shows. All you have to do is click here or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) to set things in motion and get one clue closer to the best mystery party you’ll ever have the chance to witness.


The Murder Mystery Company is ready to slay the crowd at your upcoming private event in New York! Whether you are planning a party, corporate event, fundraiser, or anything in between, our mystery experts will come right to your chosen venue. We’ll transform your special occasion into a killer crime scene where you get to solve the crime in a Clue style mystery show! We make it easy and stress free to host an event so successful, it’s almost criminal. Start plotting your party with us by clicking here or calling (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) today!

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